Spring Time Bunnies – Ms. Hansberry’s 5th Class

Before the boys and girls finished for their 2 week holiday, they continued with the theme of Spring in Art and created these beautiful bunny paintings.

The children first wet the page by brushing the page with water. This allowed the paint to become water based. They painted the background in vertical strokes of white, orange and pink.

When the background was painted, the children left the paint to dry and got ready for the next step which was drawing the bunnies.

The children first practiced drawing their bunnies on an a4 page. When they were satisfied with their bunny, they then drew the bunny onto the background of the painting.

Next, the children painted the bunnies white, then added grey for some depth.

Finally the children completed their bunnies by adding the face.

The children really enjoyed this activity. As you can see, they turned out fabulous!! Well done to the boys and girls! We have very talented artists in 5th class!

Notice Board

Term 2 is finishing for all pupils on Friday 26th March and we will return to school on Monday 12th April. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable spring break!

Springtime Break letter to parents March 21