September and October in Ms Bell’s Senior Infants

We have had a very fun and enjoyable start to the school year. Although it was a little different than usual the children settled in very well. They were so excited and happy to be reunited with their class mates 😀

In September we learned all about ‘Myself and My Environment’ in Aistear. We loved being back in our groups for play time in the role play area, construction area, small world area, playdough area and sand area. We drew self portraits and pictures of our family. We read stories such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We revised the numbers one to five in maths including combining and partitioning these numbers.

October was a busy month in which we learned about ‘The Farm’ in Aistear We also learned all about autumn and the harvest. We read stories such as ‘The Little Red Hen’ and ‘Farmer Duck’. We painted beautiful autumn trees using the pointillism technique. The children worked hard on their cursive writing this month and have made excellent progress in their genre writing copies.

In October we took part in Wellbeing Week by doing some meditation and mindfulness colouring. The children practiced their deep breathing by using rainbow breaths. As you can see from the pictures they look very relaxed 😌

We also took part in Maths Week by copying and creating patterns using our new pattern cards and cubes. We also created maths monsters using various shapes. The children had great fun with this activity and some monsters had two heads and four legs!

This week began running for our 10k fun run to raise money for the school IT equipment. The children ran their first kilomtre this week by doing some laps in the hall. They did super and we took some deep breaths after to bring our heaart rates back down.

We finished off this half of term with Autumn Dress Up Day. In the morning he children made skeleton art and learned a poem about skeletons. In the afternoon we did a fashion show to show off our costumes and finished with a movie and some sweets.

What a super start to our school year! I can’t wait to see you all back in school after the mid-term break. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the holidays 😀

Notice Board

Our May midterm break takes place next week. This means that we will be finishing up at normal times on Friday 30th April and we will be returning on Monday 10th May. We hope all of our families have a safe and enjoyable week off!