Maths Week in 1st class.

Between the 12th and 16th of October we celebrated maths week. We had so much fun engaging in maths with different activities both inside and outside.

The children engaged in colour by number activites when doing addition and subtraction. It was very exciting!

We also enjoyed crack the code activities. Figuring out secret messages was so much fun. The children also created their own emoji codes which their partner then had to figure out the hidden message!

We really enjoyed doing our maths outside using chalk. We completed addition and subtraction sums on the ground. It was a very different maths lesson because we got to enjoy some fresh air as well as learning our numbers!

Maths week was a huge success in 1st class!!

Maths week in 1st class.

Notice Board

Our May midterm break takes place next week. This means that we will be finishing up at normal times on Friday 30th April and we will be returning on Monday 10th May. We hope all of our families have a safe and enjoyable week off!