Awesome Autumn in Room 1!

October was an exciting month for the Junior Infants in Room 1. Between our Autumn activities, Well-Being Week, Maths Week and our Halloween Dress-up Day, the boys and girls have achieved so much!

During the month of October, we started taking notice of the signs of Autumn all around us. We noticed that the weather started to become colder, that the leaves on the trees started to change colour and fall down and that animals like squirrels and hedgehogs were out and about. Have a look at the pictures of us collecting leaves on our Autumn sensory walk, colouring in hedgehogs and putting spikes on them, doing leaf rubbings and painting beautiful Autumn trees.

Speaking of painting, we also read the story ‘Owl Babies’ and painted pictures of Sarah, Percy and Bill. The boys and girls are becoming quite the artists!

We have been carrying on with our Literacy and Maths stations. We have been playing lots of games and learning loads.

For PE, the boys and girls were developing the Fundamental Movement Skill of running. This was just in time for the 10k challenge the children have started to engage in. Look at them go!

In Aistear, our theme was ‘The School’ in October. The children have been busy picking up vocabulary relating to the school and the classroom in very playful and fun ways.

During the last week of October, the children were also learning about Halloween. They carved pumpkins and played lots of Halloween games. On the last day before the midterm, the boys and girls even had the chance to dress-up and show off their Halloween costumes.

For Science, the children explored the sense of touch. They were provided with items of smooth, soft, hard and rough textures and had to sort them and describe how they felt.

The children also listened to the story of the Three Little Pigs. We tied this topic in with materials in Science and re-created the house of straw, sticks and bricks in Art.

The children had such a successful second month of school and we are all so proud of them. Keep an eye on the Junior Infant blog for more updates in the near future!

Notice Board

Our May midterm break takes place next week. This means that we will be finishing up at normal times on Friday 30th April and we will be returning on Monday 10th May. We hope all of our families have a safe and enjoyable week off!