Wellbeing Week – Ms Reville’s Junior Infants

Today we got to enjoy the first day of Wellbeing Week.

In a busy Junior Infant classroom our minds can also become very busy.

Regular mind and body breaks help us to feel calm and ready for more fun learning activities.

First we practiced being mindful by following the ‘Be the Pond’ exercise. Our feelings were the fish swimming in the pond. We learned that there can be many ‘feelings fish’ swimming around our minds at the same time. We imagined ourselves as the ‘pond’, remaining calm and focussing on our breathing even when there are lots of fish swimming around in our minds. Please click on the following link if you would like to try it out:


In the afternoon we did an exercise called ‘Milkshake Breathing’. This is a fun way of practicing slow and deep abdominal breathing. We filled our lungs up with air by breathing through our noses and then gently breathed out through our mouths into a straw creating bubbles in the water. There was a lovely chorus of water bubbles all around the room!

If you would like to try Milkshake Breathing at home please see below:

Please check back during the week to see what other Well-Being activities we will be taking part in.

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