Traffic Co-operation

Dear families,

Thank you so much for your co-operation with the traffic management at the new school. (See plan attached.)

Morning drop and go:

The drop-and-go system is working very well each morning, thank you for your co-operation in this. We would urge all parents to avail of this. When dropping each morning, we would continue to ask parents the following:

  1. Please pull into a set down bay when dropping – stopping on the road blocks the cars arriving behind you.
  2. Please do not delay in the set down bay as other cars need to use it. There are approximately 200 cars using the bays each morning. Please quickly assist your children to exit your vehicle and allow them to walk the short distance to the playground gate. There are parent volunteers who will assist all children to the gate.
  3. Please obey the directions of all staff and volunteers.
  4. Please do not congregate at the gate or fence to the playground as this blocks the entrance and can frighten younger children entering the playground as well as children using the bike racks. The children must come first – and parents should promptly leave the area once their children have entered the playground. They are fully supervised from 8.45am.

Afternoon collection

There is no parking at the campus at collection times and parents should not drive to the school gates each day or park on the road leading up to the campus. Aside from the serious traffic congestion it causes – preventing school and creche buses from accessing the campus (see pic) – parents who have attempted to drive up will be well aware that it is a cul de sac with little room for turning vehicles, which in turn poses serious risks to children and parents who are walking or using bikes. It is clearly dangerous for vehicles to enter this road at dismissal times.

Parents should endeavour to walk to the school each day to collect children or to find safe parking away from the campus.

We appreciate your co-operation and support in this regard.



Link to Traffic Management map:


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