Third Class were all ears while learning about hearing!

Third Class learned all about sound and how hearing works.  We talked about all sounds being vibrations that are then interpreted by the ear.  Watch the video below to see Ms. Lynch’s boys and girls recreate the ear and explain how it works.

In the video, the vibration makes its way through the ear and the tunnel (hula hoops) to the eardrum (snare drum from our drum-kit).  The vibration then bounces on the eardrum which causes some tiny bones (we used rulers) to shake and send the vibrations to the cochlea.  The cochlea then acts as a computer, figuring out what the vibrations are and sending the information to the brain.

We wrote about the ear in our copies too.  Ms.Lynch was very impressed with all of the boys and girls in the class and all of their hard work!  🙂






We really enjoyed our debate based on this question:  “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  Have a think about it…we would love to hear your opinion! 🙂

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