Third Class are Super Scientists!

This week, Third Class had lots of fun during our science lesson!

We have been learning all about ourselves and about how our bodies work, and were very excited ahead of our super messy science about the digestive system.

First, we learned about the different parts of the digestive system; the mouth, teeth, salivary glands, food pipe, stomach, small intestines and large intestines.  We talked about the functions of these different parts of our body and why our body needs food.  Next, it was time for some messy fun to really bring the whole thing to life for us!

First, we gathered all of the things we would need; a bowl, Ms.Lynch’s sandwich, a ziplock bag, a cup, a masher, a pair of tights, a bottle of Coke and a big plastic container.


First we put the sandwich into the bowl (which we were pretending was our mouth).  We agreed that the first thing that happens to the food is that we bite it into smaller pieces so, one of our classmates volunteered to act as the teeth and rip the sandwich into little pieces.


The salivary glands help us to soften the food so we added a little water to the bowl.  Ms. Lynch always gets thirsty when she eats sandwiches so we made sure to add a quick drink too!


Next, it was time for our back teeth to start chewing.  Luckily, we had a great volunteer who did a wonderful job of mashing up all of the food!



It was time for the food to make its way to the stomach so, our teacher pretended to be the food pipe and carefully poured the messy sandwich into the ziplock bag.  We were really glad that there were no holes in the bag!!


Our stomach has a special acid in it to help to break down our food.  We used some Coke for this.


It began to look a little disgusting at this point, we have to admit…


Next, the mixture made its way to the small intestines.  We used a pair of tight as the intestines.  This was one of our favourite parts because it was very very messy!  Our volunteer had to make sure she rolled up her sleeves so she wouldn’t get wet.  We were amazed watching all of the nutrients and ‘good stuff’ pouring out through the tights.  We talked about how all of that would be used in our body to help us to grow and to help our bodies to work well.


Another volunteer acted as the large intestines, squeezing out any leftover liquid and nutrients.


We absolutely loved working as super scientists and can’t wait to find out what the teachers have up their sleeves next!

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