The start of the year so far in Ms Tracey’s Senior Infants

It has been a busy first few weeks in Senior Infants with Ms. Tracey’s class.  Firstly I would like to thank all parents for their great support with Class Dojo.  The children are really enjoying it and it is a great tool to keep the communication line open between teacher and parent.

While Dojo is fantastic to share what we have been doing in class with the children’s parents, sometimes Grandparents or family abroad may also be interested in what your child is up to in school.  I will therefor try my best to update the school website every few weeks with a snapshot of what we have been getting up to in class.

Learning about Houses

Last week we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and along with some very helpful parents (Thank you again) we took a walk around the area to identify the different types of houses we have been learning about.  The children got to take the ipads and did a great job at sharing them around so that everybody could get a chance at taking some photos of different types of houses.  The children found terraced, semi-detached, detached houses and also apartments. We unfortunately did not come across any bungalows or cottages 🙁  When the children returned to the classroom they got to look at the photographs they had taken and also draw pictures of the houses they had seen. Have a look to see the children really enjoying this lesson outdoors!img_7011img_7009





Myself , My Family and Home

As you are aware in Senior Infants the children took part in Aistear. Aistear is a framework using a methodology of play for children to learn.  This month our theme of Aistear has been learning all about houses, the home and ourselves. Where possible we have been using play to learn about these.  The children have been getting turns playing at different ‘stations’, eg The House, Junk Art, Bingo, Small World, Construction.  Before we start to play the children discuss in their groups and plan for their play in their play planning copybooks.  They then go to their station and get to play.  For example – In ‘Our House’ station the children will use drama and make believe play to take on the roles of the people they see in their house. At the Bingo station we have been learning once again about our different types of houses and the rooms of the home.  At our construction station the children have been building houses with the blocks.  Building castles has been areal favourite!! At our Jumk Art station the children have made what they think they may need for our House. So far they have recycled boxes and used some tinfoil and their imgaination to make a washing machine, a television and a fridge!   Below you can have a look at the pictures so you can get an idea of what play looks like in the classroom. If you have any old cereal boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons or anything that you think they children may be able to recycle to create something during Junk Art please do send it in with your child.





This week we have been looking at the season of Autumn. Today we got to have a Autumn Harvest party where the children got to taste fruit or vegetable that grows in the Autumn.  The children absolutely loved this! Although some were more keen to try more food than others while others were keen to eat everyone’s food including their own! Thank you to those parents who sent in fruit or vegetables with their child for us all to try.  The children got to try everything from carrots, to blackberries, to apples, to butternut squash and even vegetable soup!img_7248img_7249img_7250img_7251img_7252img_7253img_7254img_7255img_7257img_7256



In maths we have spent our first few weeks revising counting forwards and backwards, learning what numbers come before or after, revising our number formation and also sorting to name just a few things.  This week we started our co-teaching with Ms Henry coming into class on Thursday and Friday to help us with Maths.  When Ms Henry comes in some of us get to play our Ready Set Go Maths games, some of us work with Ms Tracey and some work with Ms Henry.  Here are just a few pictures to give you an idea of how hands-on we like to keep our maths lessons.img_6888img_7216img_7215img_7214img_7129img_7211

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