September & October in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been very busy settling into big school over the past few weeks. We have been working hard on following the school and classroom rules. We are making lots of new friends! We are working very hard and trying our best! In September we learned all about ‘My Home’ in Aistear and SESE. We have four play areas set up in our classrooms and each group gets to visit a new area each day! The areas are role play, construction, small world and playdough. We read lots of stories including the story of the Three Little Pigs and also made our own houses from match sticks.

In October our theme changed to ‘The School’ in which children have been taking on the role of teacher and principal. They have also been busy building things that you might find in the school. We have also enjoyed learning about Autumn and what happens to the weather and trees in Autumn. PE has also been great fun and the children look forward to it every week. Towards the end of October we began leaning our Jolly Phonics sounds and the children have been busy writing with crayons and pencils as well as writing letters in sand and making them with playdough! It has been a busy half term settling into our new routine but we are so excited about what is to come after our midterm break!

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