Science Week in Ms McManus’ 5th class

This week we celebrated Science Week (10th-17th November 2019). This year our topic was Based on wind energy.

Firstly, we identified types of renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Secondly, we then created wind turbines using recycled materials such as plastic lids from water bottles, card, pencils and pins.

We designed our wind turbines and predicted what might happen when the turbines are placed outside.

The children then wrote a report on their wind turbines, stating the purpose, method, materials and outcome of the activity.

Hover Crafts
Our second Science activity related to friction and air. We created hover crafts using recycled materials such as cd’s, recycled paper and balloons.

The children worked extremely hard during this activity and made excellent predictions on what would happen once air released from the balloon. Here are some of our final products:

This week was a very important week as it encouraged every child to become a scientist by exploring, identifying, predicting and experimenting. Luckily for us, we had the opportunity to present our science work at this weeks assembly, and were given the opportunity to inform other classes about renewable and non-renewable energy resources while presenting our wind turbines and hover crafts.

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