Science in Fourth Class

Strand: Environmental Awareness and Care

Strand Unit: Environmental Awareness

Maths Strand: Length and Number

As some of you may remember –  Ms Diskin’s 4th Class are working towards our STEM certificate. Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Here are some more updates on what we are getting up to:

We learned all about Clinometers – why they are used and how to use them!

We had to use not only our Science knowledge but our Maths knowledge too for this one.

A Clinometer is an instrument used to measure very tall objects for example a tree, a building, a pole, a streetlight.

What we needed: 

To measure a tall object in groups we needed:

  • Our Clinometers

  • Our whiteboards and whiteboard marker

  • Metre Stick

  • Our equation (H=A+B)

  • Ipad to take some footage

What we did:

1. Making the clinometer: Ms Diskin gave us a photocopied clinometer pattern and with our partners we cut it out. We taped a straw (cut to the same length) along the top edge, attached some Blu Tac to a piece of string and hung it onto point X so that it hung freely. X = 45 degrees.

Clinometres READY! Lets measure!

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The Fun Science Part:

We learned the following steps for using the Clinometer:

  • Measure the persons height.

  • Face the object whose height you want to measure.

  • Looking through the straw at the end away from the string, adjust the angle of the card until the string hangs at 45º. 

  • Now walk towards or away from the object until you see the top of the tree through the straw. (This was easier to do in a small group so one person was looking through the straw while the other kept an eye on the string.) 

  • Estimate and then measure the approximate distance from you to the base of the tree. We did this using a metre stick.

  • We used the equation HEIGHT OF OBJECT (H) = A + B

Therefore H= A + B

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We drew a diagram to help us!

In groups we went around to put the science of the Clinometer into action. We measured the things around us like the yard perimeter poles, signs, street lights and basketball nets. We made sure we estimated first and took down everything we needed on our whiteboards.

What was tricky was keeping the Clinometer at the right angle and sometimes seeing the object through the straw was difficult.

Maths Part:

We had done a lot of work on Length this year so we were used to estimating and measuring using metre sticks. When a group member had followed the Science part other members would measure the distance between their feet and the bottom of the object. We recorded that and then measured the person themselves and recorded that. We then simply added the two metre results together and got a rough idea of the height of the object!

Below are some pictures taken during our experiment and below is a link to some videos the class made of the whole process;

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