Pupils Working from Home – Fifth Class

Dear families,

The information below contains an outline of work that we have prepared for the children.

This includes work in a range of subjects including Literacy. Gaeilge, Maths, Art, PE, SESE (History, Geography, Science) and Music.

The pupils have been provided with two At Home Work packs, their homework books, handwriting books and free writing copies. Some classes may have additional workbooks.

In addition to this, each class level has a list of other work detailed below, and a list of links to support your child’s learning.

A number of links to educational sites and tasks have been provided for parents to use with their children. Pupils should be supervised by an adult when using any internet links or websites.

All work should be retained and returned to school upon reopening of the school.

Kind regards, The Staff of Scoil Chormaic CNS

Fifth Class:

  • Pupils should continue with their homework in their Maths Time and Tables Champion Book
  • Pupils have been provided with a pack of work labelled
    • At Home Work Week 1
    • At Home Work Week 2

Literacy – English:

  • Pupils should do the following pieces of writing into their Free Writing Copy.
    • A recount (their news)
    • Narrative writing (story writing)
    • Procedural writing (instructions, recipes)

They should write one recount, narrative piece and procedural piece each week





  • A project based on each of the following themes:
    • Africa – choose an African country and complete a project
    • The Famine
    • Sea Life around Ireland – (Irish marine animals, habitats of these animals, life cycle of a fish)

The project can be completed using any of the following formats

  • A power point (12-15 slides)
    • A poster
    • A written project or a typed project (two pages)

The project should include the use of headings, sub headings and images (printed or drawn)

Useful websites for project work:

Intercultural Day:

  • Pupils should choose a country that is special to them/that they have family from and complete a project on that country. The project could include information on any of the following:
    • General facts about: flag, language, currency, population, cities
    • More specific information about: Food, Traditional clothes, history, landmarks, animals life


  • 1. Draw a diagram of a pyramid and write about the pyramids of Giza (history/art)
  • 2. Draw a picture entitled ‘Under the Sea’ (draw and colour)
  • 3. Research an African landmark (natural or manmade) and draw a picture of it
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