Our first month in school – Ms Reville’s Junior Infants

Thank you to all of the Junior infants and their families for such a wonderful, happy and fun start to our first year of school together. We have had a very enjoyable September getting to know each other, making new friends and celebrating our achievements.

We have been busy making our classroom bright and colourful, decorating the walls with our artwork and filling the room with our smiles and laughter. We hope you like our group Rainbows and Rainbow Fish collage.

We love to build using our imaginations. Every day we construct something new. We are so proud of our work. We hope you think they are as amazing as we do.

We love our Aistear hour when we get to play, learn and have fun with our new friends. In September we were exploring the theme ‘Home’ and finding fun ways of learning new skills. We played in our Aistear ‘Home Corner’ and even got to play and learn using water.

We have a section of the playground all to ourselves at lunch-time where we get to have a break from the hard work we have been doing in the classroom. A ladybird joined us one of the days and we made sure to take care of it and return it to the grass. We can’t wait for our Autumn trail around the school grounds. Who knows what else we will find? We will be sure to share photos of our adventure with you.

We hope you enjoy following us on our exciting Junior Infant journey.

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