October in Ms. Reilly’s class

We have had a busy month in First Class this month. Our theme for this month was Change. We learned about changes in the seasons, changes in clothes and changes in school. We have also started our new theme for November – All Around Me. We will be learning about our local area of Balbriggan, Ireland and animals in the environment throughout the month.

In Gaeilge we read the story Luaithríona (Cinderella) and sequenced the story using pictures.

Our Gaeilge theme for this month was Ar Scoil (School). We learned lots of new words for different items we use at school. We have also been working hard practising having short conversations in Irish.

20161027_162448 20161027_162431

20161027_162439 20161027_162419

One of our topics this month was clothes. We learned about clothes in other countries, the materials clothes are made from and clothes in the past.

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20161020_174613 20161020_174619









20161020_174656 20161020_174700 20161020_174713


We also learned about animals.

We learned that there are 6 groups of animals:

  • mammals
  • birds
  • insects
  • amphibians
  • reptiles
  • fish

Click here and here to learn more about each group.

20161027_162404 20161027_162410

We learned about healthy eating this month. We made food pyramids in pairs.

20161020_174803 20161020_174812 20161020_174836








Have a look at some of our art from this month. We made autumn outfits, painted autumn landscapes and learned about the colour wheel.

20161020_175009 20161020_174753 20161020_174747 20161020_174733





20161020_175024 20161020_175026

20161020_175037 20161020_175051

20161027_162457 20161027_162525

20161027_162516 20161027_162509

20161027_162503 20161027_162520


We have been busy during Co-teaching time with Ms. Reville and Ms. Breen learning how to write a recount. A recount is a piece of writing that tells our news by putting it in the correct order.

We use special recount words to help us:






20161014_112618 20161014_112637 20161014_112700 20161014_112703


We did a maths trail as part of Maths Week. We went on a walk around the school looking for maths in the environment and answering maths questions.20161021_113101 20161021_114706

20161021_115127 20161021_115130

20161021_115752 20161021_120511

We also learned about different jobs this month, we learned about the job of a teacher and the job of a nurse. We talked about what we would like to be when we grow up.

20161020_174948 20161020_174902 20161020_174944

20161020_174936 20161020_174912 20161020_174908



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