November in Miss. Reilly’s class

We have had a very busy month in Miss. Reilly’s class!

This month in maths we learned about block graphs in data, tens and units and length.

Check out our block graphs of our favourite colours and our pictogram of how we come to school every day.








We learned that numbers have tens and units


67 – 6 tens and 7 units

23 – 2 tens and 3 units

Click here to place a tens and units game.

Click here to play another tens and units game.

In art we mixed tints and shades of colours. We made tints by adding white and shades by adding black.







20151112_115735 20151112_115743




Our tonal animals


We learned about the colour wheel. There are three primary colours – red, blue, and yellow and three secondary colours – purple, green and orange.



Our Autumn landscapes.












We learned the amhrán (song) Háigh Hó mo Dhaideó. We wrote our own verses for the song.


We listened to the scéal (story) Luaithríona (Cindrella). We put images from the scéal in the correct order.


We sequenced the story of Sarah Swallow when we learned about migration.


   We learned that swallows migrate to Africa in the winter because it is too cold to stay in Ireland. They return in the spring.


We learned about the different animal groups – fish, mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and reptiles. We learned that reptiles have cold blood, that mammals don’t lay eggs and that amphibians live on land and in water.

Click here to learn more about migration.

Click here to learn more about the different animal groups.



We learned the poem Everybody has a Name. We talked about how our names are special to us.

We had another great month earning green tokens in the playground. This month we earned 230 green tokens. Miss. Reilly is very proud of us!


















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