November and December in Miss Reilly’s First Class

We have had a very busy two months in First class. Have a look below at some pictures of our fantastic work.


History, Geography and Science:

In November we learned about how Balbriggan has changed and learned about the counties of Ireland.

In December we learned about the traditions of birthdays, Name days in Poland and Christmas. We explored how Christmas is celebrated in other countries and how it was celebrated in the past. We also learned about light. We made a list of different sources of light and learned three new words transparent, translucent and opaque.

Transparent – light can shine through easily as the object is see through.

Opaque – light can not shine through.

Translucent – some light can shine through.


In maths we learned about data.We made pictographs and block graphs.

We made pictographs about the most common eye colour and our favourite toys, We made block graphs of our favourite fruit, animals, electronics and dinosaurs.

We also learned about 2D shapes. Some of the new shapes we learned about are:

Pentagon              Hexagon             Octagon

5 sides                    6 sides                 8 sides

5 corners               6 corners             8 corners

Gaeilge and Poetry:

In Irish we learned about Bia (food). We wrote menus and pretended we were in a bialann (restaurant). We had a freastalaí (waitor) who took each person’s order.

We learned two poems and used our visualisation skills to draw what we thought was happening in the poems.

1. Cold

2. A Chubby Little Snowman

We hope you enjoy looking at all of our hard work!

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