NCCA supports for parents

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Photography competition

Dear all, As the children are off school at the moment, and in an effort to grab those moments outside and enjoy the fresh air, we are going to run a photography competition for each class group and there will be some fantastic prizes for the winners! The title of the competition is: ‘The Great Outdoors’ and all you have to do is take a photo while you are out walking or in the park or forest or at the beach, with animals or with local flora, etc – the choice is yours! Just remember to stay within 2km of your home! All your photograph has to do is illustrate the beauty of The Great Outdoors in your own area. We will display all of the photos later in the school year (or early next school year). Please send your photograph to your class teacher on Seesaw or on Class Dojo. Please only select and send one photograph. Enjoy the great outdoors, but above all stay healthy and...

Longer closure – work moving online

Dear families, We hope you are doing OK in these challenging and stressful times. Each and every family is under pressure in different ways at the moment. Some families have a sickness, some families have frontline workers who are under severe pressure and other families have other specific needs right now. Please be aware that all of the work we send from the school is optional to you depending on your own circumstances. Please do not attempt school work if there is stress in your household. These are unprecedented times and the most important thing now is to acclimatise to this new ‘normal’. We need to make sure we are happy and safe before we focus on learning. Our first priority is making sure that all our families are safe. Children will only learn when they are happy and content. If there is stress in your household do not add to it by attempting to home school. Take care of yourselves and your families, and mind your health and wellbeing. Try to keep a happy balance in the home. Closed for longer It seems unlikely we’ll be back to school any time soon. The minister has announced we will not be back at least until April 19th – but all schools are planning for longer term closures. We have already provided work for the children that will take them up to the Easter holidays – this is already on the school website and links were sent via text message. To cater for a longer school closure, we are moving on to the next stage of teaching and learning provision...

Daily Workouts for Kids

The renowned Body Coach is providing workouts for children every day at 9am. Link: