New GMGY Curriculum for 3rd to 6th Class

Dear parents,

As you know in Community National Schools we use the Goodness me, Goodness You! programme. Until this year this was developed as far as 2nd class. The curriculum has now been developed for children in 3rd to 6th class by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

The curriculum has four strands:

  • Story
  • We Are A Community National School
  • Thinking Time
  • Beliefs and Religions

In the strand of story children learn to appreciate the art of story, drama, music and poetry as forms of expression. They will listen to stories from around Ireland and around the world that inspire them and make them think about how they feel and act.

In the strand ‘We Are A Community National School’ children will learn about the values the schools promote, for example human rights, equality, citizenship, participation and appreciation of diversity.

In the strand ‘Thinking Time’ children will engage with Philosophy for Children. Children are offered the opportunity to develop their own questions and discuss them with their peers. The teacher facilitates this discussion. Allowing children to engage in philosophical questioning has been proven to raise IQ and increase oracy skills.

In the strand ‘Beliefs and Religions’ children learn about religions and beliefs that exist in our world. The teacher will choose a topic from the curriculum, for example ‘Celebration’, to explore with the class. The class will look at the history of celebration in Ireland and then explore celebrations that take place around the world, both religious celebrations and secular celebrations.

At the end of the lesson the children are asked to bring home a family project. This project can be completed at home and it offers parents an opportunity to discuss the topic being looked at in class from your own family’s perspective. For example a Christian family may decide to complete the project based on a Christian celebration like Easter, a Muslim family may decide to complete the project based on an Islamic celebration like Eid, or a family who does not have a religious belief may decide to complete the project based on a celebration like a birthday or anniversary. When the project is complete the child brings their project into class and presents their project to their peers.

To see the new curriculum click here. 

To see a presentation about GMGY click here. 

If you have any questions about the GMGY curriculum please speak to Ms J Regan!


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