New Dismissal/Collection Arrangements

Dear families,

Following a period of review the school is making changes to the dismissal/collection of pupils at home time for the remainder of the school year. These changes are being implemented due to ongoing concerns regarding the health and safety of the children at collection time, specifically due to the heavy congestion caused by adults moving about and into the playground (which should not occur under child protection guidelines). The success or otherwise of these changes will be reviewed again at the end of the school year, with a view to making arrangements for the new school year in September.

As such, the new dismissal/collection protocols, commencing on Monday, May 13th, are:

  1. Junior dismissal (1.40pm) continues as normal.
  2. At senior dismissal (2.40pm) First, Second and Third classes will be dismissed from the playground as normal.
  3. Fourth class children will now be dismissed via the three doors to the PE hall – one class from each door. (This concerns Mr Lacey’s, Ms St John’s and Mr Burns’ classes.)
  4. Fifth and Sixth class children will continue to be dismissed via the front door of the school.
  5. Only Garda-vetted crèche personnel (pre-arranged with the school) and bus supervisors will be allowed to enter the playground at collection time.
  6. No adults/parents are permitted to enter the school, PE hall or playground to collect children at collection time.

Parental co-operation is essential at this time to ensure a smooth dismissal from school and the safe collection of all children – your support in this is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Deirdre Corcoran,

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