Ms. Lynch’s Third Class Walk to Castlemill Shopping Complex








Ms. Lynch’s Third Class recently went on a walk to Castlemill Shopping Complex as part of a geography and maths project.  We wanted to investigate forms of transport used by people in Balbriggan, examine the natural and man-made features of our local area, take note of things that have changed over time in Castlemill, and find out more about the shops and services available close to our school.  We also stopped to survey people that we met along the way and asked them about their favourite things about living in Balbriggan.

In maths, we have been learning all about money.  Some of our classmates were given the important task of buying a treat for each of the 31 children in our class.  They were given a budget of €10 and went into Dunnes Stores with Ms. McKnight.  They had to figure out the total cost and calculate the change that the shop assistant would give them back.  They did a great job and we really enjoyed eatingour rice cakes at lunch time!

Thanks again to the moms and dads who joined us on our walk and to all of the lovely people of Balbriggan who stopped to answer our survey questions.

Take a look at some of our findings below!

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