Ms. Lynch’s Third Class Become T.V. Stars!

This month, Third Class have been working on the topic ‘An Teilifís/The Television’ in Irish.  As part of this, Ms. Lynch’s class decided to work on a T.V. project and record some mini television programmes.  The children in our class worked in small groups to write Irish scripts for the different programmes.  After we wrote the scripts, we read them to each other.  Next, we used one of our school iPads to record our classmates reading their scripts in front of our whiteboard.  We really enjoyed writing, recording and editing our class project and are very proud of our Irish video.

You can watch our video here…





Here is a translation of our video:

  1. Welcome to TG4. Today is Thursday.  The News will be on at 6 o’clock.  After that, it will be the weather forecast.  At 7 o’clock there will be a nature programme.  A music programme will be on at 8 o’clock.
  2. Welcome to TG4 News. I am Yanisse.  I am Jasmine.  Today in Cork City, there was an accident.  In Dublin, there was a Little Mix concert in the 3 Arena.  In sport, Glebe North won their match against Balbriggan F.C.  That is today’s news.
  3. This is the weather forecast.  In the East, it will be raining.  In the North it will be snowing.  In the West, it will be cloudy.  In the South the sun will be shining.  Goodbye.
  4. This is the elephant. He is a big animal.  He lives in Africa.  The elephant is grey.  They are clever animals.
  5. Judges negative responses:  (Shake head.)  Bad.  I hate it.  Judges positive responses:  Excellent.  I love it.  Great.  Good.


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