Ms Forde’s First Class – Learning about ourselves in SESE and Art

We have been learning about ourselves in the topic ‘Myself’ in SESE and Art.

In Science we learned about the body and our 5 senses. We drew around one of our classmates to make a display of the parts of the body. We used our sense of smell to guess the scents in the glass jars. It was fun guessing what the scents were.

Then we used our sense of touch to describe what we felt in the feely bag. We used adjectives like ‘rough’, ‘smooth’, ‘soft’ and ‘furry’to describe the jenga block, thumbtack, teddy bear and other things in the bag. Do you know what the other senses are?

In History, we talked about important events in our lives – beingborn, starting school, our first tooth, birthdays, new siblings,moving house – and sorted these events in order. Then we drewtimelines of our lives – when we were a baby, a toddler, startedschool and our first day in First Class. Have a look at our timelineson our notice board.
We also talked important things we have learned since we were a baby – walking, talking, riding a bike, writing, reading.

In Geography, we followed a map to go on a scavenger hunt around our school. We followed the map to find out what A, B, C,D were. We used excellent navigation and teamwork skills during this activity.

In Art, we drew self portraits. We made sure to use the correct colours to match our eyes, hair and skin tones. We also included things that make us special, like freckles, glasses, our smiles etc.

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