Ms Diskins Fourth Class


We have been quite busy the last few weeks learning all about the Romans among other things. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to this month.



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‘The Romans’ projects from SESE time.

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Mosaic patterns in Visual Art

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Artist of the week last week was Christian for his mosaic!

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We designed Spring outfits in art with different Fabrics and Fibres. We had to plan our ideas first before making the real outfit. We then self assessed them with ‘2 stars and a wish’


Logan won Artist of the week that week for how alike his actual clothes were to his original plan! Go Logan!

In Literacy we looked, revised and practiced compound words. These are two seperate words that come together to form a new word. For example: butter + fly makes butterfly and light + house makes lighthouse.

We made compound word booklets to consolidate our learning of the topic.

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In Maths, we looked again at Long Multiplication and all agree that we feel much more comfortable with it now and have enjoyed learning a new process in maths. We practice both the expanded column method and the column method. to help us conquer it head on! Each child has a preference for a method and that is absolutely fine as they are both right. GWAN – TEST US!











Lastly, we were working SUPER hard in our spare time on a mini-project of our choice. These will form a class Encyclopedia. They were all collected and Ms Diskin will grade them – as asked by the class. That means we will have a very interesting book full of information about different topics. It will arrive soon so we will keep you posted!

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Our Encyclopedia Entries being collected!

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