Miss Diskins 4th Class

Hey everyone!

There has been so much going on in our class that it has been difficult to find the time to post some pictures!

Here are some pictures of our Titanic themed lessons through History (check out or projects displayed outside the classroom) and Art as well as some Science where we experimented with pulleys.



History Titanic Timeline


Our Titanic Projects



Our Titanic Projects


Ella put a lot of work into her project at home with her parents! Well done to a great family team on this one.


We experimented with using pastels and charcoal to create our own Titanic pictures. We learned how best to use pastels to create the thick and thin lines as well as the importance of starting with dark colours before using the lighter colours. We also learned how to dispose of the chalky consistency of the pastels and charcoal correctly.


Titanic Art using pastels or charcoal


Titanic Art using pastels or charcoal


Our ‘Star Artist’ this week was Sevastian. As you can agree he made an amazing piece of art work. Very hard to choose just one person this week so well done Sevastian!


Craig and Keanu took their interests on the topic of Titanic outside the classroom too and made their own replica Titanic! So cool!


Craig with his Lego Titanic – well done!


Keanu made a wooden replica with the help of his Dad! Well done!

Pulleys in Science:


Making a pulley system


Making a pulley system


img_4248 Pulleys






We have also been working hard in Irish and Maths the last couple of weeks learning all about ‘Bia’ and ‘Time’ respectively.



Time has been a challenging topic for all of us. Here are some posters to help us remember the language we need to use.





Lastly I want to say how proud we all are of all the talented children in the class. Thanks to Craig for bringing in his ukulele and playing us a song and congratulations to Ella who won a trophy and medals at a dancing Féis! Keep up the great work!



Thank you for sharing your talents and achievements with us Craig and Ella.


Thank you for reading all about us and stay tuned for more.

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