Maths Week in Ms Reville’s Junior Infants

We have had a fun and busy start to Maths Week in Junior Infants so far.

On Monday we played with and explored Numicon shapes. Numicon helps us create a picture in our heads of what a number looks like. Each number has its own colour and unique size and shape.

Take a look at us learning about number using Numicon shapes.

With pegs and baseboards we were able to use the shapes to construct and build. This helped us to find connections between shapes and identify patterns.

We even began to count the holes in each shape. This allowed us to ‘see’ each number. This was very exciting! We took turns rolling a large dice. Our task was to find the Numicon shape that matched the number that the dice showed. We were even clever enough to use two Numicon shapes to show one number e.g. The number 3 shape and the number 1 shape were put together to show the number 4.

Later on Monday we took part in a shape scavenger hunt in the PE Hall. We found lots of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and even hexagons!

While practicing our running technique during PE we also demonstrated our excellent number knowledge by forming groups of a given number.

We have been doing very hard work lately sorting groups of objects into sets. Today we were sorting bears into sets according to size. We then drew our results in our maths copies.

We are really enjoying Maths Week. There are lots more activities planned for the rest of the week. We can’t wait to share our hard work with you.

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