Maths Week in Mr. Dowling’s 2nd Class.

This week we celebrated Maths Week in Scoil Chormaic. Maths Week is an important way to help learners, of all ages enjoy maths and to highlight the creativity of the subject. During the week, the children had amble opportunity to express their creativity in the subject area. Here is what we got up to!

On Monday we played various games involving dice, counters and mini whiteboards. The winning pair got 20 Dowling Dollars for their great team work and high score. Well done guys!

On Tuesday we made shape monsters out of coloured card. This was incredibly fun and children gave their monsters some spooky names too!

On Wednesday we completed a Maths trail across the school which incorporated various maths skills such as measures, number, shape and space and data. At the end children were lead to buried treasure in the PE hall for excellent concentration, communication and completion of this trail with their partners! We will celebrate with this treasure on Friday before mid term break.

Well done to all the boys and girls for their super work during Maths Week. They worked hard but also had great fun too!

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