Maths Week in Miss Hansberry’s 5th Class.

This week we celebrated Maths Week in Scoil Chormaic. Maths Week is an important way to help learners, of all ages, enjoy maths  and to highlight the creativity of the subject. During the week, the children had amble opportunity to express their creativity in the subject area. The boys and girls practiced various mathematical concepts through the method of station teaching. Here is what they got up to!

Station 1: Here the children created 3-d shapes using tooth picks and marshmallows!
Station 2: Here the children worked on symmetry! They drew the other half of the picture given!
Station 3: Here the children used 2-d shapes to create different structures!
Station 4: Here the children practiced their multiplication skills. The children picked two cards at random. They then multiplied the two numbers together. If they got the calculation correct, they got to keep the cards. The child with the most cards at the end was the winner!
Station 5: At this station, the children worked on creating 3-d shapes. They cut out the shape given, folded the dotted lines and stuck the shape together to create the 3-d shape!
Station 6: At this station, the children practiced drawing circles as well as lines and angles. Once their circle was drawn , they drew two lines in the circle. They then identified the types on angles found within the circle. Some even used their protractor to measure the sizes of the angles!
Station 7: Finally, at this station, the children played a variety of games that saw them practice their addition , subtraction , multiplication and division!

Well done to all the boys and girls on their fantastic work during Maths Week. It was superb to see them working so hard whilst also having great fun!!

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