Learning about the Titanic in Ms Forde’s First Class.

The topic for SESE in May was Transport.

In History, we learned all about the Titanic. We did landscape artwork of the Titanic at night. We used black paper and chalk pastels.





Alice and Saoirse worked together to write a recount about the Titanic:

The Titanic

Work began on white star liner newest steam ship, Titanic. Titanic was the largest ship, they said. There was first class for rich people, second class for kind of rich people and third class for poor people. Passengers arrived excited! The Titanic had a swimming pool for swimming. And a ball room for dancing. It set sail from Southampton, Engand to New York on April 2nd 1912. In the middle of the night the Titanic crashed into an iceberg and sank. They tried to evacuate. They called for help. The people scrambled to get into a lifeboat. A lot of people died. Some of them survived. It was very sad. A ship called the Carpathia rescued the people which survived on board. Then the ship went to New York. The end.

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