Kandinsky and Pointillism in Art Club

Hey everyone,

In Art Class we were completing a piece of work that pushed us to look and respond to a famous artist called Kandinsky and then experiment our own versions of his ideas through pointillism (we’ve been very busy!)

First we looked and responded to the following piece of work:



The class decided that this piece was made by splitting paper into 12 equal boxes and then experimenting with different sized circles inside each other in each square. Then use bright colours to paint it.


To paint it we used a painting technique called pointillism.







We used Q-tips to create small distinct dots of colors directly on the page. This way when you stand a distance away, the dots seem to blend in into the desired colour formations. This was LOTS of fun and ‘relaxing’ as some children were saying. Check out some of our work:





Keep an eye out for more art club work being posted soon!

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