Intercultural Day 2020

Dear families,

Intercultural Day 2020 was due to take place on Friday 22nd May. As we are not at school to celebrate we have asked our pupils and families to engage in a different way this year.

Teachers have been in touch on Seesaw to ask pupils and families to display the flag (drawn and coloured, printed or real!) of a country that is special to them in the front window of their home on Friday 22nd May at 12pm. We are also asking families, if possible, to play ‘Colours’ with their windows open at this time .

Pupils can send photographs or videos of them standing with their flag to their teacher either on Class Dojo or through Seesaw. Once we have collected all of these pictures we will make a whole school video for the school website.

In addition to the flag, pupils could also display a ‘Thank You’ sign for all front line workers in the window next to the flag.

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