Identity Week

Dear parents,

We are celebrating Identity Weeks in Scoil Chormaic CNS. Identity Weeks are taking place as part of the Goodness Me, Goodness You! (GMGY) programme.

As part of Identity Weeks we will be exploring the theme of ‘identity and belonging’. Children will engage in lessons about themselves, their families, their community and their values and beliefs.

On Friday the 26th of May children can wear clothes to school that symbolise their identity. This can be a cultural garment, a jersey, a religious garment or any clothing that represents your child’s interests (for example an Irish dancing costume, a soccer jersey, a GAA jersey). No uniforms are required on this day. It is a chance for children to express their personality and identity in what they wear. 

An outline of what is being covered in class can be seen below:

Lesson One– This Is Me

This lesson explores a child’s understanding of their own identity. Activities for this lesson will include exploring children’s individual talents and interests.

Lesson Two – This Is My Family

Children complete a lesson about their family in the classroom. They share information about their family, where they come from, how many people are in their family, etc. Children bring in a photo of their family and all family photos are displayed on the identity wall in the school.

Lesson Three – This Is My Community

Children engage in a lesson about the community of Balbriggan. The older classes go on visits to the local community. Children create a display entitled My Community. They draw a picture or take a photograph of themselves in their community at their favourite place. A parent who grew up in Balbriggan is invited to speak to the class about what Balbriggan was like when they were young.

Lesson Four – This Is My Belief

Children learn about the values that are promoted in Scoil Chormaic and every class makes a class charter. Children bring home a family project entitled ‘My Family’s Values and Beliefs’ this is brought back to class and shared with the class. The page will ask the parents to discuss any celebrations, places and values that are important to them with their child and to document these so that children can share them with their peers in school.

Kind regards, 

Ms Regan

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