Hour of code

On Friday the 13th of December, we had some helpful volunteers from Amazon to help us run some coding workshops. The students had the opportunity to play games and do problem solving activities on the computers. Some activities involved making characters move through levels and do different tasks, others involved making up a dance routine for their characters. There is plenty of technology talent in Scoil Chormaic CNS. Find some links below if you want to give them a go at home!

Coding links:

https://studio.code.org/hoc/1 – Coding basics

https://hourofcode.com/mchoc – Minecraft themed coding

https://hourofcode.com/flap – Flappy bird themed coding

https://hourofcode.com//star-wars – Star wars themed coding

https://hourofcode.com/playtune – Music making

https://hourofcode.com/kanopong – Arcade game coding

https://hourofcode.com/tynkerdd – Dragon Dash

https://hourofcode.com/duckrace– The Big Duck Race

https://hourofcode.com/frzn – Coding with Anna and Elsa

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