History in Ms Gibbons Second Class

The children in Ms Gibbons’ Second Class have been learning about Alcock and Brown. John Alcock and Arthur Brown were British avaitors, and the first people to fly non stop across the trans-Atlantic. They flew from Newfoundland to Clifden, Co . Galway (Ms Gibbons home town) in a Vickers Vimy.

The The flight took 16 hours and 12 minutes and at times they flew upside down in dense fog. The landing was not smooth, they crash landed in a bog!Alcock and Brown were awarded 10, 000 pounds by the daily mail. The story made the front page of the New York Times newspaper.

The children in second class worked in groups to create fact files on the story and draw pictures of the Vickers Vimy. Look at our amazing work!!!!!!!!


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