Geography, History and Science in Fourth Class

We have been very busy in 4th class learning all about different topics in Geography, History and Science. Here are some pictures of our work:

We learned all about landmarks in Ireland and in pairs, using all our new knowledge we made our own information guides for Croke Park and the Giants Causeway to Dublin Zoo and Kilmainham Gaol! Exchanging guides and reading and learning from eachother was a great way to end the task.





Our Classroom Display

In Science we have been learning all about plants, the different parts and their functions and how they make their own food!


Our flip label posters!





This Photosynthesis portion is a part of my Plant Unit.  I have provided a poster/classroom display model and review worksheet that also mimics the poster.  Add this to your plant unit or Photosynthesis lessons.Check out my PLANT UNIT and other PLANT ACTIVITIES:




We also learned all about Hurricane Katrina in History and Geography. We were fascinated by the damage a hurricane could do to New Orleans. Some of the class were so interested they made mini-projects on the topic in their own time at home!

We also tracked the path of the hurricane carefully on a map of the USA in Geography.


Hurricane Katrina Timeline and some projects


The path of Hurricane Katrina on the map


Keep an eye out for more posts from Ms. Diskin’s class.


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