First Well Being Wednesday 17/10/18

On Wednesday 17th October, we had our first Well Being Wednesday whole school activity.


The whole school got together and lay down in the hall and listened to nice relaxing music. Junior Infants, 1st Class, 3rd Class, 5th Class, went first from 9:15 – 9:45, and then Senior Infants, 2nd Class, 4th Class, and 6th Class went at 10:15 – 10:45. The activity was a huge success with many students and teachers saying it relaxed them and made their day more stress free! The is the goal of these Well Being Wednesday, to help both staff and students feel less stress and be more comfortable in themselves. There are many more activities planned for the upcoming Wednesday so watch this space for more information. 

Also Feel Good Week takes place next week from 22nd October – 27th October and updates will be uploaded here daily! Thank you to everyone involved in the activities.

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