Day 1 of Feel-Good/Well-Being Week 22/10/18

Today we start our week long feel-good/well-being activities. Each day there are activities planned to encourage the children that we are all just as important as each other, but also to be mindful and look after ourselves. The activities are for both staff and students together and the timetable is attached below if anyone would like to view it.


Today we began with the activities . At 10am this morning 2 students from 6th Class gave a speech about some ways both children and staff can look after themselves. The whole school then engaged with 5 minutes of mindfulness that will be ongoing every day this week at 10am.

To finish the day, 1st – 6th Class played the game “Are You Smarter Than Your Teacher?” based on the TV Quiz show “Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?”. It consisted of 3 students from each class going against their teacher in a short round of questions. The winner, got to shoot the loser with a water gun, the students did so well that for most of the game it was the students who were soaking the teachers! We all had a fantastic time and look forward to tomorrow!



Timetable for Feel-Good Week

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