February and March in Ms. Reillys class

We have been very busy over the last two months.

In February we learned about the elements of fire, wind and water. We learned about the Great Fire of London, Christopher Columbus and Windmills. We even went on a trip to Skerries Mills to learn about the two windmills they have there.

In maths we learned about 3D shapes. We learned that 3D shapes are fat, not flat. They have corners, faces and edges.

We learned that a cube has

– 6 faces

– 8 corners

– 12 edges

In February we also celebrated World Book Week. We went to Easons and 5th class came to read stories to us.

In March we learned about Spring and the farm.

In Science we planted cress and watched it grow. We learned that plants need light, water and something to grow in to grow healthily. We conducted an experiment where we took on requirement away. The pots that were missing one of the requirements did not grow well.

We also learned about the life cycle of a sunflower.

In History and Geography we learned about the farm. We learned about farm machines in the past. We found out that butter was made in a butter churn. To see what this was like we made butter in our classroom. We poured cream into jars and shook them until the cream turned into butter.

In our writing lessons we have been learning about procedural writing. We have been making nice things in class and writing down the instructions. We have made milkshakes, lemonade, leprechauns and fruit top hats.

In maths we learned about weight. We learned about kilograms and found things in the classroom that were heavier and lighter that 1 kilogram. We have also been counting in 10’s, 2’s and 5’s.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our work.

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