December in Ms Diskin’s Class

December was a busy but exciting month in 4th Class. Here are some of the activities we got up to!

Science: we were learning all about Electricity in SESE. We learned about the life of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison and their contributions to electricity. We then learned about static electricity in Science and put it to the test using balloons!! Lot’s of laughs during this experiment 🙂




img_4548 img_4547 img_4552

img_4551-1 img_4554-1



We made rain gauges in December to investigate rainfall…unfortunately once we put them out we got no rain so we decided to leave them out over the Winter Break to see if it makes a difference. Watch this space!


Our Rain Gauges



In Art we continued our learning under the water theme on the River System. This was a larger scale partnered drawing and paint art lesson. Here are our artists of the week – well done Jake and Piotr.


Well done to the great artistic team Piotr and Jake.


In Maths one topic we extended our learning in was lines and angles. Check out our hands on activities that helped consolidate our learning on this topic.

img_4532 img_4533

img_4531 img_4536 img_4535


The Sam Maguire Cup came to visit the school too. Here we all are with it.




Winter Assembly was a highlight of December! Here are some pictures that were taken. Credit to Eimí’s mam Ilona for some of these – Thank you very much for sharing them.


Our Beanstalk by the children, parents and Ms. Diskin. Truly a work of art!

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 img_4586 img_4597 img_4596 img_4594 img_4604img_4602-3

Thanks again to all the children and parents in my 4th Class for all the patience and support in Term 1. Looking forward to getting stuck into Term 2.

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