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 Low Energy Day

On Friday the 01/05/2015 we had a ‘Low Energy Day’ in Scoil Chormaic. Each class tried to save as much energy as they could by switching  off computers and interactive whiteboards. As part of golden time activities children played yard games outside and various activities inside. Each class made a huge effort and really enjoyed themselves. Please see our photos attached!





Ms Reilly’s class really enjoyed their playground activities.


Duchess and Gloriade from Ms Ferry’s class enjoy their golden time activities.


Ms Diskin’s class enjoy golden time activities.


Ms Diskin’s class are learning all about tens and units using the board.


Ms Reville’s class are working hard without using the whiteboard.


Ms Mckenna’s class are reading stories without using the computer or interactive whiteboard.




Ms Breen’s class are hard at work without using the computer or interactive whiteboard.


Ms Breen’s class working very hard on low energy day.






In Scoil Chormaic we have been learning all about Energy. Last week we had our ‘Energy Awareness Week’ where we discussed lots of ways we can save energy both at home and at school. Children from Second, First and Senior infants got to take part in an energy workshop.SAM_2634SAM_2644SAM_2670SAM_2663SAM_2650SAM_2649SAM_2655SAM_2631SAM_2622SAM_2629SAM_2624SAM_2624

Please see our main page for a power point which also discusses ways we can save energy both at home and at school. We would be grateful if you could take a moment to fill in our Survey on energy. It is located on our main page.


On Friday 14th of November, we had our Green Day in Scoil Chormaic! This was a celebration of the achievement of our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste. We now have a brand new committee (pictured above), who will be working really hard in the coming year towards getting our next Green Flag, which will be on the theme of Energy.

Thank you for all your support we raised €439.80 as part of our ‘Green Day’. We will use this to purchase science equipment for our school. We will add photographs of the equipment when it is purchased. 

Remember to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!

  • Avoid bringing in tinfoil, cling film or other wrappers in your lunchbox.
  • Use a refillable bottle instead of juice cartons.
  • Buy a lunchbox instead of plastic bags- it works out cheaper in the long run.
  • Don’t drop rubbish on the ground!

All of the children in the school, with the help of parents and the Green Schools Committee, have been made a huge effort in achieving our first Green Flag. The theme the first flag is Litter and Waste, and some of the things we did during the 2012-2013 school year included:

  • Competitions to design recycling bin labels and to select Green School monitors
  • Choosing Green Schools Watchdogs in each classroom to monitor waste, and make sure that lights are turned off
  • Green School monitors have been picking up waste in the playground three times a week. They also visit other classrooms to award prizes to children who have very little waste in their lunchbox.
  • We had great fun on Green Day when we learned all about what types of materials can be recycled, and we had a Green Disco!
  • Each week teachers count how much waste children bring in their lunchboxes. At assembly every week the class that had reduced their waste the most won the mini-Green Flag award.

We hope to apply for our second Green Flag in the coming school year. Keep an eye on the Green Schools Noticeboard in the main reception to keep up to date with what is happening!

Queries regarding Green Schools should be relayed to Mrs. Shirley Corcoran, the Green Schools Co-Ordinator.

 Click here to see the gallery from Green Day (14th November 2014)

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