Bird Feeders – Ms. Fitzpatrick’s 1st Class

We had great fun learning about migration in 1st class in November. We read the story ‘The Lonely Swallow’ written by Ms. Diskin, and we loved it! We sequenced the story which helped us recall the important information from the story.

img_2279 img_2280



Keeping with the theme – in art we learnt about silhouettes. We painted beautiful sunsets and then cut out swallow silhouettes to stick on. They are beautiful – if we do say so ourselves!! 🙂



While learning about migration, we discussed how birds fly south for the winter because it gets too cold here in Ireland. We discovered, however, that not all birds migrate. Some birds stay in Ireland for the winter months, such as the robin. We discussed how difficult it might be for these birds to find food to eat in the winter in Ireland and we brainstormed different ways that we could help the birds in our community this winter. We decided to make bird feeders – it was great fun!

                                                img_2288  img_2287



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