Active Week 2016

Here are a few more pictures from Active Week 2016! Everyone including the children, teachers and parents had a great week with lots of fun games, races and activities! Thanks again to everyone that helped out over the course of the week!TDI_3731 TDI_3735 TDI_3738 TDI_3742 TDI_3745 TDI_3751 TDI_3754 TDI_3761 TDI_3766 TDI_3769 TDI_3771 TDI_3777 TDI_3782 TDI_3783 TDI_3784 TDI_3787 TDI_3788 TDI_3790 TDI_3793 TDI_3794 TDI_3802 TDI_3805 TDI_3808 TDI_3812 TDI_3813 TDI_3815 TDI_3818 TDI_3823 TDI_3829 TDI_3836 TDI_3844 TDI_3853 TDI_3854 TDI_3859 TDI_3863 TDI_3870 TDI_3875 TDI_3920

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