3rd Class School Tour 2016

We had a brilliant time on our school tour this year!

We departed Scoil Chormaic by bus at 10.15am and headed for Dublin City Centre. We ate our snack in St. Patrick’s Park located beside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We then boarded the Viking Splash Boat. We visited many historical and famous buildings around the City, while scaring ‘Celts’ along the way! We were suitably dressed in Viking attire, wearing cool Viking hats. We even went into the water at the Grand Canal! We had to wear our life jackets during that!

When the Viking Splash Tour was over, we returned to St. Patrick’s Park to eat the rest of our lunch. Afterwards, we headed off to Charlestown Leisure Plex for a round of bowling!

Everybody had a fantastic time and it was a great reward for all the hard work this year!

Well done boys and girls! Have a lovely summer holiday!

Ms. McKenna & Mr. Murphy.

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