1st Class take a trip to Space!

For the past two weeks in Rang a hAon we have been exploring the theme of ‘Space’. We had lots of fun exploring this topic, here are some of the fun things we done…

Have a Ball –

We explored the poem ‘Have a Ball’ by Joe Mohr. This poem taught us how important it is to look after our planet for ourselves and for everyone else too.








We researched the life of Neil Armstrong for our History topic. We discovered that he was a famous astronaut because he was the first man to walk on the moon. We wrote a recount on Neil Armstrong’s trip to space. Next, we completed our very first History project in groups based on the achievements of Neil Armstrong. We also designed and constructed astronauts to decorate our room.

In Geography we discovered that the earth orbits around the sun while the moon orbits the earth. We created models of the sun, the Earth and the moon to show our understanding of the Earths movements.

In science we experimented with gravity. We learned that there is less gravity on the moon and that gravity keeps us on the ground here on Earth. We explored gravity in action by dropping objects of the same and different weights from the same height to see which object would hit the ground first. We discovered that the heavier object hits the ground first because its weight drags it to the ground faster. We also discovered with a sheet of paper and a all of paper that although they are the same weight, they hit the ground at different times. The ball of paper hit the ground first, we discovered, because there is less air around it. We also made parachutes following a procedural writing piece that we wrote with Ms. Fitzpatrick. We then used the parachutes to test for air resistance. It was lots of fun! IMG_2619[1]




For Art the past two weeks we worked very hard in Groups on our Solar System project. We created Solar System Dioramas. It was very hard word, but we think it paid off. Don’t they look great?! IMG_2697 IMG_2696





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